Past the halfway point in the season, and competition is heating up as driver skill levels improve, and the points table converges. There’s a tie for 7th between Chris, Roy and Dale with 81 points, and another tie for 10th between Ananth and Quintinne with 65 points.

The results just weren’t great for Demaras Racing. Daniel started 4th, moved up to 2nd when his battery failed. His times plummeted to mid 25 second laps and could only hold on to 4th. That’s arrive & drive racing.

Chris started 3rd, lost positions to Daniel and Nico, but was put into the wall at turn 5, dropping him to last place, a position he would not recover from.

But 130r is not just about competition; it’s about camaraderie. Huge cheers were heard around the track as Quintinne held back a charging Dale to take his first win of the season. Fan favourites Igor and King Nico stood proudly on the podium this round. Way to go, gentlemen!

Points: 130R (at April 8, 2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras, 183
  2. Quewin W, 135
  3. Don P, 131
  4. Igor M, 119
  5. Nico H, 118
  6. Arnel T, 94
  7. Chris Demaras, 81
  8. Roy H, 81 (tie 7th)
  9. Dale G, 81 (tie 7th)
  10. Ananth R, 65
  11. Quintinne W, 65 (tie 10th)

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