After a long winter, Goodwood Kartways finally opened up for TRAK spring training, allowing the first laps to be run around the outdoor circuit since October.

The track still had some ice on it, and a large puddle of melting snow on the entry to turn four caught many drivers out in the high speed braking zone.Even Daniel Demaras found himself off track after spinning in the tricky corner.

The best part of a new season is that it offers a fresh start. For Daniel, this means a new kart, free of any damage from the past two seasons. However, it also means that this will be the first time in years that he will have some continuity. No more changing divisions, tracks, teams or series. Finally, he’ll be able to learn from the previous year and apply it directly to 2019.

Spring training was a challenging day for all, but will help to ease the nerves before the green flag flies in two weeks time, to mark the start of the 2019 TRAK season.

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