K1 Speed is a great place to learn about racing, or sharpen your skills. They’re all about racing. K1 Speed in the US wrote up an interesting article on their blog, giving a bunch of great tips. Now some of the tips are specific to K1 (racing for lap time, not position) but it;s still a great read.




Below is a ‘condensed’ version of the Top 10 Tips list.

  • Tip #1: Let Faster Racers Pass You (you’re racing for fastest lap – not position). Study what racing line they’re taking, where they’re braking and other differences that’ll help you reach their speed.
  • Tip #2: Mind Your Posture! Sit up straight and keep your head upright while driving. 
  • Tip #3: Brake in a Straight Line Maximize your grip when you’re braking, and make sure to keep that steering wheel straight before quickly, but smoothly hitting those brakes.
  • Tip #4: Slow In, Fast Out Make sure you slow down your kart until you’re at a comfortable speed to take the corner 
  • Tip #5: Smooth Steering is a Must Be smooth with your hands to avoid any “scrubbing of speed” that may occur when your tires squeal. Smooth steering = higher average speed = lower laps times.
  • Tip #6: Learn the Racing Line Minimize the amount of time you’re turning sharp and maximizing the amount of time your wheels are straight. This helps you carry greater speed than turning hard into the turn, squealing the tires, and losing speed/time.
  • Tip #7: Use Only One Pedal at a Time Don’t be tempted to press the brake pedal while you’re still stomping on the accelerator. We get that it sounds fast, but it’s the opposite. 
  • Tip #8: Give Yourself Space Having clear track in front of you is your ultimate goal and your best chance at finishing as the fastest driver. Just like F1 qualifying.
  • Tip #9: Relax! No “Death Grip” on the steering wheel.
  • Tip #10: Look Ahead, Not at the Corner You’re Already Attacking The subconscious is incredibly fast at processing so let that manage any small adjustments while you’re focusing on the challenge ahead.

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