Ever since Daniel started racing in 2014, he’s had the same Scorpion helmet. Not the best brain bucket, but the neon yellow helmet became Daniel’s most identifiable characteristic on track. Easy to pick him out from the others.

No longer a little kid, Daniel invested in a new ARAI SK-6 helmet, and immediately sent it off to Lone Palm Design for custom paint by Mr. Taylor Gates. Demaras wanted to keep his signature look on track, while adding some extra style points.

Lone Palm Design is very well known within in the Canadian karting community as the premiere helmet painted. His complex and multi-layered designs can be seen at tracks across Canada. But this simple, understated design really shows Gates can create exactly what his client requests.

Check out more or Taylor’s work at https://www.lonepalmdesign.com/ and watch for Demaras on track soon with his new lid.

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