130R Round 10

The series is approaching the end, and unfortunately, many of the competitors have dropped out. Yes, things get rough some weeks…but what else are you going to do on the first Monday of every month? Just come on out and RACE!

Chris and Daniel got to K1 Speed early for some practice, and it was as fun as ever!

Qualifying saw Daniel take the pole position, with Nico starting second and Igor third. Chris qualified 6th before moving up to finish 5th) with a personal best lap time of 23.211 seconds. The top three finished as they qualified: Daniel, Nico, Igor.

130R Racing Series Points (as of 07/15/2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras (248 Points)
  2. Igor M. (186 Points)
  3. King Nico (176 Points)
  4. Quewin W. (145 Points)
  5. Arnel T. (129 Points)
  6. Dale G. (114 Points)
  7. Chris Demaras (107 Points)
  8. Roy H. (87 Points)
  9. Quintinne W. (75 Points)
  10. Stacy E. (72 Points)

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