The 2019 racing season has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. From DNFs and mechanical failures to Top 5 finishes and overall improvements. It’s impossible to predict how any race weekend will go.

This weekend, Demaras Racing had a secret weapon. The No. 12 PRO kart was upgraded to titanium hubs, titanium upper and lower bars, plus a carbon fiber seat and floor. To prepare for the double-header race, the team arrived at Mosport a day early to test out the racing machine. Some teething problems were expected, and experienced. A brake line tore while Daniel was full-on the brakes at the hairpin, and it sent him off track. This wouldn’t be the only problem.

While the kart was certainly lighter and faster, the chassis became incredibly stiff. Rather than flexing through the corners, Daniel found himself two-wheeling through the esses, making it hard to keep the kart on track at times.

While running practice laps with friend and fellow racer Keidon Fletcher, Demaras got the kart up on two wheels, made contact with another racer, and flipped the kart.

Daniel suffered some scrapes and bruises to his knees, but was lucky that his head didn’t make contact with the pavement.

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