The 130R Series returned to K1 Speed for its August round. The points standings were tight, with Nico and Igor fighting fiercely for second in the championship, and Chris Demaras hunting down Dale Goz in the midfield.

Typically, Daniel, Nico and Igor made up the top three spots in qualifying around the slightly modified K1 Speed circuit. However, the race was flipped on its head due to reverse grid used in the race.

Starting from the back, Daniel, Igor and Nico all worked their way through the field, amidst incidents and contact. Daniel dropped multiple places after a collision in the tunnel mid-race. Chris and Dale battled for the lead of the race, but Igor managed to squeeze his kart past Chris in the closing laps. The finishing order was Chris Demaras in 3rd, Igor in 2nd, and Dale Goz taking his first win of the series. However, when combined points (qualifying race and positional race) were added together, Daniel end up on the podium with the 3rd highest points total for the day…stealing his father’s bronze medal. Chris was crushed

An eventful and action packed race will keep the championship fight alive as the 130R Racing Series enters its penultimate round in September. Only two races to go!

130R Racing Series Points (as of 08/12/2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras (266 Points)
  2. Igor M. (206 Points)
  3. King Nico (191 Points)
  4. Quewin W. (145 Points)
  5. Dale G. (139 Points)
  6. Arnel T. (129 Points)
  7. Chris Demaras (122 Points)
  8. Roy H. (87 Points)
  9. Alec P. (79 Points)
  10. Stacy E. (76 Points)

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