Thursday was a training day for Daniel with PRO team boss Curtis Fox, whose vast experience enables him to correct issues with the kart and driver. Through use of the MyChron, Fox is able to pinpoint where Daniel gains time or looses time from lap to lap. His insights are invaluable.

Camping close to Goodwood Kartways allows the Demaras family to use the resources of the track for more personal needs. For example, Daniel brought his sister’s pool toy “Turtee” to the track for inflation. As always, Big Brian treats Daniel like a member of the family, giving him access to the track’s compressor.

On Friday, the Demaras Racing team returned to their home track so Chris could complete in his first CRKC race in a month. Having missed the last round, Chris was nervous and excited to take the challenge again.

Chris raced under the lights, in the last group of the night. Running reverse track, with chicane, is always an interesting challenge. Demaras qualified third, made a few passing attempts on fellow PRO Jason Bedford, but had to settle for the bronze medal as the laps ran out. Still, it was Demaras’ first podium of the season, and a relief to be ‘back’.

Chris Demaras got to stand on every step of the podium on this night, as friend and fellow racer Dawson (who’d finished his race in 2nd place) had to leave early. The always modest Demaras offered to stand on the podium as Dawson’s proxy. Realizing he’d been handed a gold medal, Chris then stood on the top step of the podium vacated by the absent winner.

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