The “Draggin Skin” clutch is for avid four cycle racers who want consistency in engagement along with ease and flexibility in tuning the clutch to fit their track.

The engagement of the clutch can be varied from 2,200 to 6,500 rpm by varying spring combinations. A floating spring ring design and a phenolic resinbonded non-asbestos friction material with insulating properties utilized on the shoes minimizes heat transfer, enhancing the life of the springs. The standard kit comes with three (3) interchangeable sprockets (13,14,15), as well as 4 sets of nine (9) springs each. Additional interchangeable sprockets are available up to 22 teeth. Additional springs, optional shoes (red) and weight kits (7 &10 grams) are also available.

The manufacturer recommends not changing the set up until after installing this clutch on the kart and have broken in the shoes to the drum. This clutch is set up with the brown springs and will engage at approximately 2,800 RPM consistently once the shoes have been radiused to fit the drum. Drive the kart for 15 minutes to “seat” the shoes, then verify the engagement. Avoid stop and go starts, break in the clutch before a race just like a new engine. After the shoes have been radiused to fit the drum, then spring changes can be made.

This clutch is more adjustable than any on the market and it is designed to be user friendly. There are so many different combinations they cannot all be listed. The weight kit provides additional variables for a harder lock-up. Weights are available in 7 grams or 10 grams. Once the driver has found the combination that works for the track, it will be consistent for the season since there is minimal heat transfer to the springs.

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