September marks the next to last round of the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed. The number of participants may have gone down, but the level of competition has gone up! With the final standings still up in the air, K1 Speed brought out the hardware to motivate the racers!

With the bonus points earned for pole position Daniel may have clinched the championship. New guy Ryan E lined up second while Dale G put in an excellent qualifying performance in third.

When the green flag dropped, the battle was on. Daniel defended well for 2 laps before pulling a gap to second place. Nico went for an outside pass on Dale at Turn 7, but Chris scampered down the inside, making a rare double-pass. New girl Olesya S showed she was no pushover, battling anyone trying to invade her space.

At the checkered flag, it was a rare Demaras Double podium, with championship contender Igor in 2nd place. Earning the ‘biggest mover’ award was Olesya, who knocked Daniel off his perch on the top of the podium.

Points going into the final round:

  1. Daniel Demaras (301 Points)
  2. Igor M. (224 Points)
  3. King Nico (203 Points)
  4. Dale G. (151 Points)
  5. Quewin W. (145 Points)
  6. Chris Demaras (137 Points)
  7. Arnel T. (129 Points)
  8. Roy H. (87 Points)
  9. Stacy E. (82 Points)
  10. Alec P. (79 Points)

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