A Prince, but not a K1NG

The annual K1NG OF SPEED tournament took place at K1 Speed Toronto on Thursday, October 10th, 2019. Reigning K1NG, Abrar Khan, was unable to defend his crown, recovering from a hamstring injury. So the headline was already written; a new K1NG would be crowned.

A strong group of racers competed in the tournament, including George Stanchev, Mashaal Memon, plus Daniel & Jack DaSilva. Coming through in the clutch, many drivers set their personal best lap times, in the low 22 sec range.

The FINAL FOUR were all experienced racers. Ivano Di Vittorio would take on Daniel Chu, and Victor Zdanski would battle Daniel Demaras in the semi-final round.

As some at track side predicted, Daniel D and Daniel C, quickest drivers all night long, were the finalists. K1 Speed’s manager Anthony was all smiles as he knew an epic fight was in store for the last round.

Daniel Demaras fought the good fight, setting a personal best lap time of 22.050 seconds during the tournament. But a stunning 21.997 second lap from Daniel Chu was enough to take the crown as the 2019 K1NG of SPEED.

Demaras finished runner-up in the 16-man tournament, a huge improvement over last year. On this night, Demaras was a prince, but not a king.

Congratulations from the Demaras Auto Racing Team to Daniel Chu, the 2019 K1NG of SPEED.

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