Throughout 2016 and 2017, Daniel Demaras was a regular competitor at the indoor electric go-kart track at Downsview Park. You’d find him there on weekends, during March break, or any day off from school that allowed him to get on track and compete. One weekend, Daniel and Chris drove by the old track and found a COMING SOON sign up; K1 Speed was taking over!

The entire facility underwent a complete renovation, and was unrecognizable afterwards. Daniel was super excited that his favourite track would be renewed and improved, but he didn’t know how much of an impact K1 Speed would have on his future in racing.

The Demaras family was invited to K1 Speed on opening night in February 2018 … and didn’t leave for years.

Daniel competed at outdoor tracks in Stouffville and Bowmanville during the summer, but K1 Speed in Downsview Park became his ‘home track’ 12 months a year.

He competed in the K1NG of Speed tournament, enrolled in the Karting Academy, and joined the 130R Racing Series that ran all winter long. But from day one, Daniel’s goals were clear.

“I want to qualify for the K1 World Championship in California. That’s my goal. I’m at the track twice a week, and I’m setting consistent lap times, but I can improve my lap times and work on my racecraft.”

Daniel Demaras, March 4th 2018

Topping the K1RS points competition allowed Daniel to achieve his target, becoming Canada’s lone representative at the first K1 Speed e-World Championships in 2019.

But the relationship certainly didn’t end there! Daniel was deep into competitive kart racing in the TRAK Series (winning championships in 2020 & 2021) and he represented K1 Speed at outdoor tracks in province-wide series.

Demaras was even a guest writer on K1’s blog, getting his early writing noticed (even though he was only 15 or 16 at the time) and held his first charity fundraiser (Racing to End Alzheimer’s) at K1 Speed.

After winning back-to-back championships in kart racing, Demaras took the step up to open-wheel race cars, and once again, K1 Speed was along for the ride!

With K1 Speed logos on his car, and in his heart, Daniel entered the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship last year, and took home the coveted ‘Rookie of the Year’ award, along with third in the overall championship,

Demaras continues to race in F1200, but this year has added Time Attack and even some stock-car racing on the oval-track into his racing calendar. Daniel’s has been out of competitive kart racing since 2021, but he had qualified for the long-delayed K1 Speed e-World Championship years ago, and just could not pass up on the chance to compete in one more kart race.

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