A year ago, Daniel Demaras was on a mission to get 4,000 K1RS points to qualify for the K1 Speed E-World Championships. He reached his goal, and would represent Canada for a second time. A little over six months ago, the event was delayed and Demaras has been waiting for an update ever since.

Looking at the news out of California, where the E-World Championships are held, things do not look promising. The governor of California has placed the state under a month long curfew. Californians are required to be off the streets and in their homes between 10pm and 5am daily in an effort to stop social gatherings which have lead to an increase of cases of ‘the virus‘.

In Huntington Beach, groups of protesters symbolically burned masks to show they were not going to stand for restrictions on their freedoms. Only in America.

While Demaras looks forward to returning to California for the second time, to represent Canada at the K1 Speed E-World Championships, the chances are slim that the event will even occur in the foreseeable future.

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