No Racing

In an attempt to arrest the spread of ‘the virus’ in Ontario, the Ford Government announced that Toronto is moving into the lockdown zone for at least 28 days. It seems impossible that indoor kart racing facilities such as K1 Speed, 401 Mini Indy, or Formula Kartways will be able to stay open beyond midnight on Sunday, November 22nd 2020.

• closed

Driving instruction
• in-person driving instruction is not permitted

Amusement Parks
• closed

Gyms, Sports and Recreational Fitness
• All indoor facilities, including indoor courts, pools, and rinks are closed.
• Indoor individual and team sports not permitted with exemptions for professional leagues (e.g., NHL, CFL, MLS, NBA)
• Outdoor sports are limited to 10 people

Restaurants & Bars
• Indoor and outdoor service are prohibited
• Take out, drive-thru, and delivery are permitted, including sale of alcohol

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