Less than a month ago, PRO had their annual Indoor Karting Day at Formula Kartways in Brampton. As soon as that event was over the next race day was being planned out, including a recent Sunday at 401 Mini Indy and this past Monday, a PRO field trip to K1 Speed on the evening of the Champions Night.

While the PRO team principals couldn’t make it to the event (Darryl was in Mexico working a Formula 4 race, and Curtis was in Quebec teaching Porsche drivers how not to spin out on ice) ten core members of the team made it to the event including Jayden and John, Chad and Trevor, Santiago and Rocco, Logan and Tony, along with Daniel and Chris Demaras.

January 27th was Daniel’s 750th race at K1 Speed, meaning he’s done over 10,000 laps at the indoor circuit. That might have been a slight advantage against his teammates who haven’t visited K1 in a while. But it didn’t take long for the experienced PRO racers to get up to speed, with Logan setting a a 22.197 second lap before the night was up.

For a bunch of guys that spend nearly every weekend together at the track during the summer months, getting back out on track helps to deal with the withdrawal when racing season ends.

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