The excitement is really building for tonight’s Champions Night at K1 Speed in Toronto.

All the top drivers from the 2019 season will be there including Steven Mori, Daniel “K1NG of Speed” Chu and Sheri Menezes. Junior racers expected to compete for bragging rights include Christian Menezes and Santiago Ramirez, who finished 2nd place in the 2019 K1RS Points Challenge.

It’ll be a special night for Demaras Racing as both Daniel and Chris will be on the final podium of the season, after finishing 1st and 3rd respectively in the K1RS Points Challenge. There will also be a “Luke VS Vader” race between Daniel and Chris to see which of these two qualifiers will fly down to California for the 2nd annual K1 Speed e-World Championships for electric karts.

PRO teammates Chad Webster, Logan Ploder and Jayden Elphage will be at the track to compete against the top drivers at K1 Speed including Randy Pardy, Dawson Campbell and Ahmed Handy. The driver who sets the fastest lap of the night will win a 10-Race Package, so the contest is expected to be fierce!

While the event is partly a competition, it’s really just a chance for friends and rivals to get together at the track, enjoy some good food, cold drinks and some complimentary races courtesy of K1 Speed management.

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