After an ownership change, a complete renovation and a ‘soft-opening’ a month ago to work out the bugs, K1 Speed hosted a private VIP event on Thursday, March 22nd. The big boss from California flew in to see his newest franchise, and the ever friendly Uli made another appearance.

Uli and Daniel
Ulysses “Uli” keeps an eye on Daniel, pounding out laps on track.

K1 Speed is a class act, inviting all the contractors, whose hard work turned the dusty old GPK into the snazzy new K1. An open bar, free food for all, and beautiful decor seemed a little out of place for a go-kart track…but in a good way!

The event was semi-formal event, so it was a little odd to see racers like Daniel Demaras in a collared shirt and church shoes. Some of the ladies even raced in high heels and skirts, so it wasn’t an average night. But anyone who wanted to could race with no charge, and just enjoy.

As usual, the staff at K1 really made the night. While Jacob gave interviews to the media, Kevin was master of ceremonies, making sure that everyone had a good time.


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