With Qualifying Week for the SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER? wrapped up, the final grid order is being set. So, Demaras Racing sent team truck driver Chris down to the Vallis Motor Sport shop in Welland, which is just a hop, skip and 274 km round trip away.

Johan Wasserman (of the Challenge Cup Series) provided his compact, enclosed trailer as a loaner to keep the No. 12 MagiSeal / K1 Speed / Scarboro Subaru / Formula 1200 clean in transport to K1 Speed, where it will be the centre of attention…at least for a couple of days.

K1 Speed is like social club for Chris. Years before Daniel was born Chris would hand out at the track (back when it was still under the old Grand Prix Kartways name) but since K1 Speed renewed the old track 5 years ago, it’s become a family favourite. Seeing that Michelle’s art project, the No. 29 Kardboard Kart, continues to be displayed at the front counter, brought a smile to Demaras’ face.

But having the No. 12 F1200 car on display, at the same track Daniel started racing at so many years ago, is a very special moment for Demaras Racing.

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