It’s official, the first Canadian K1 Speed location is open. The track is an improved version of the much loved but slightly run down Grand Prix Kartways. Naturally, the Demaras Auto Racing Team had to go visit.


The first thing you notice when you walk in is that this place looks a lot better. The design, the tables, the floors, the lights, everything looks sleeker and nicer.


The place also sports parts of old Indycars, including many parts of the late Justin Wilson’s Dale Coyne machine, and Paul Tracy’s old CART machine in its entirety.




Behind glass walls is the real main attraction. The track. The pitlane is wider, being four lanes wide, every kart is an identical shiny K1 branded race kart. No scratches on the karts, they’re as shiny as they’ll ever be. On the steering wheel is a Formula One style screen showing revs. When the karts fire up, they make noises like a V8 race engine. And these karts…they’re fast.



A lap of the track starts out the same as the old layout, with a fast right-hander next to the pits, however, it gets different fast, with this being the layout.

  • Turn one is a flat-out left-hander
  • The old laser tag area has been  replaced by two quick 90 degree turns
  • A short straight into where turn two once was, now replaced by a fast 90 degree turn into a right-hand hairpin
  • A short run to another hairpin in the opposite direction
  • A quick left-hander and a tight right hairpin

The new track is very fun but very challenging.

Chris and Daniel spent the night clocking in laps on the brand new circuit, with Daniel ending the night 1 hundredth of a second faster.


The new track and facilities are truly special, and hopefully, many people come to check out it out.

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