Gold Medal Speed

The Demaras Auto Racing Team is all about speed, racing and competition, in every form. The Winter Olympics gives us a chance to see ‘Formula One on Ice’ otherwise known as bobsleigh.


The Canadian team of Justin Kripps and Alexander Kopacz took home the gold medal in two-man bobsleigh at Pyeongchang this weekend. They posted a cumulative time of 3:16.86 over their four runs, tying the German team. That’s right. Two different teams, set identical times to the hundredth of a second…over four runs. Almost impossible!

Twenty years ago, at the 1998 Olympics, Canada also tied for the gold medal in the 2 man bobsled. Lightning has struck twice.

Kart racers know that being fast is all about being smooth. Take a corner too tight and you’ll hurt your exit speed. Momentum is critical when it comes to 4 Stroke engines like the Briggs & Stratton class that Daniel Demaras runs. But when the only force helping to accelerate your vehicle is gravity…smoothness and momentum take on a much bigger meaning.



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