With 10 rounds of racing raced, drops dropped and points set for the post-season, the semi-final rounds at Goodwood Kartways took place on October 12th & 13th. As expected, the turnout was massive, as racers tried for championships…or just one more win before winter.

Demaras came into the semi-final outside of the Top 20 in points, but aiming for a positive result against tough competition. A year ago, Chris was on the podium in the semi-final.

Before the race, Kasper Titus, who’d raced the No. 94 Kart to a 5th place finish in the welterweight race, came down to the heavyweight grid to wish his friend Chris good luck. A photo-bombing Damiano foreshadowed the dive-bombing that would occur on track as Chris tried desperately to maintain position in front of his rival.

A podium finish was out of Chris’ reach, and 5th place was the maximum result, but with one race to go in the season, Demaras has one more chance at racing glory.

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