This past weekend was the CRKC semi-final round at Goodwood Kartways. Daniel Demaras competed in their divisions against friends Francesca Ferrari, Julien Hagens and Ryan Petrov, while Chris Demaras would battle the big man Don Powell.

The semi finals are a big race, as drivers normally racing on different race schedules converge to compete against one another. The current fleet of A&D karts have one weekend left in them, scheduled to be replaced by new Intrepid karts for the 2019 season. But with many drivers challenging for wins, racers were making desperation moves. Karts thrown off track at turn 7B, wheels breaking off, one even caught on fire.

The poor condition of the karts was extremely disappointing for both Daniel Demaras who finished outside off the podium for the first time in months.


Chris had a good day at the track. While not a title contender, Chris was riding a wave of confidence coming off a podium finish a week earlier. Conditions were extremely slippery due to the cold temperatures.

Chris qualified poorly, down in 5th place. But as the race began, the over-aggressiveness of his competitors resulted in the door being opened. On lap 1, turn 4 braking zone, Chris avoided a racer who over-estimated the grip level under braking. Then at turn 5, Chris could see a rival oversteering on corner exit. Demaras tried to sneak past the kart, with two wheels in the grass, and made it through. Hot on the tail of old rival Don Powell, Demaras chased down his friend, but was unable to make the pass.


A podium finish in the semi final was more than Chris expected, and his excitement could barely be contained as he ‘princess waved’ to his many friends gathered at the podium.

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A weekend at the track is always fun, and both Demaras men enjoyed the racing. Everyone was proud to see Don, Julien and Francesca on the podium. But for Chris, as Daniel’s father, the weekend just didn’t make him happy. Watching Daniel get saddled with a broken down kart, neutralizing his incredible speed and natural ability, really put a dark cloud over the event…and has the Demaras team considering leaving the CRKC.


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