Racing is Expensive

Only $8,889 for this retro Japanese GT!

To help fund my BOOMING racing career, I’m selling my classic 1992 Subaru SVX originally purchased from Scarboro Subaru. This car is mint! Coil-overs, aluminum wheels, body kit, Clarion DVD / Navigation and only 135,000 km. With its retro ’90s teal metallic paint, it’ll be the hit of your next RADwood or Cars and Coffee. All proceeds from this sale go directly to Demaras Racing, so a 45 year old dad can buy himself a new Intrepid F4K kart, two Briggs & Stratton four-stroke race engines and a whole bunch of Vega tires.

This car is my baby, and the price is non-negotiable. If it doesn’t sell in a few weeks, it’ll go into winter storage. So please contact me soon while there’s still time for a test drive this year.

Chris ‘#16’ Demaras

BONUS 1:64 scale model included!

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