~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

On Saturday, I took my family to the movies to see FORD v FERRARI. Daniel and I wore our official Scuderia Ferrari team shirts, and we cheered for the red team on screen. Spoiler alert; Ferrari doesn’t win.

Then on Sunday, we watched the Brazilian GP. It was looking like the Red Bulls were going to walk away with the race win, but the red team still had a chance to be on the podium. Then Vettel and Leclerc crashed into each other. Oh Ferrari!

To cap off the weekend, we made a trip to K1 Speed. Daniel topped 5,000 K1RS points, which was quite an accomplishment. I was excited to try out my new HJC helmet, looking like a slightly older Felipe Massa in Ferrari red plus a neon yellow brain bucket. But as Daniel and I climbed into our karts, I heard someone say “Watch those two Ferrari guys crash into each other!”. I was crestfallen the rest of the day.

Sometimes it’s hard to cheer for the red team.

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