December 8, 2022

Monday Nighters

Chris and Daniel Demaras were among 14 determined drivers who competed in the Monday Nighters event at K1 Speed Toronto on September 18th, 2019. Steven Mori organized the event and brought out guys from Goodwood CRKC as well as K1 regulars.

After two random qualifying sessions, each racer’s lowest lap times from Q1 and Q2 were added together to establish aggregate times. These times determined a drivers placement in Group A and Group B. The qualifying same order was used to establish positions in Race 1, with the grid being reversed for Race 2.

In Race 1, Daniel started 2nd, but struggled with a kart that would not accelerate off the line, dropping him behind 3rd place qualifier Ivano before the first corner, with Dawson racing away to uncontested win.

But the reverse grid in Race 2 made for some real fireworks, as the quickest racers would have to cut through the field to try and take another win. The GoPro video below captured the battle between the day’s top racers, with Daniel coming out on top.

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