The Monday Nighters event at K1 was a success, and the racing was close and competitive. The quicker Group A competition was a street fight, with Dawson taking the top step of the podium (pole, 1 win) Daniel finishing second (also 1 win) with Ivano rounding out the podium.

In Group B the finishing order was Kyle in 1st place, Colin close behind in 2nd place and Terry in 3rd place.

How did the ‘other’ Demaras do? Not so well. After a turn 2 collision with friend Victor in the first race, Chris was given a penalty, banishing him to start from the back in the second race.

Chris was given the Black Flag Award for most violent driver on track, with Steven more coming in runner-up in that competition.

Bruised egos and sore shoulders will heal, but everyone will remember a fun, competitive event. Thanks very much to Mr Steven Mori who is always a great competitor for organizing the event.

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