Will Power is a racing hero to the whole Demaras Racing team. Just look at the smile on Michelle Demaras’ face when she had a chance to meet Power at Pocono this summer. Daniel Demaras runs the No.12 on his racing kart as a tribute to his racing hero.

So getting to see an Indy 500 winner and IndyCar Series champion get back behind the wheel of a kart at the recent SuperNats23 in Las Vegas was a thrill for all Power’s fans, Demaras included.

SuperNats23 is one of the biggest karting events in North America, but it isn’t reported on by traditional media, or even motorsports websites. Power’s progress in the event was scattered across social media platforms and specialized US karting websites.

Lined up for qualifying, just like any other racer.

Well. Not the result we hoped for. 15th to 11th lap 1. Incident in turn 1 on lap 2 dropped us to 38th. @12WillPower drove his tail off back to 20th. Can’t thank the #supernats23 folks and Eric Jones and his @KartSportNA crew for having us. What a blast! Can’t wait for next year!!


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