The numbers have grown, and now a full 30 racers are signed up for the 2019/2020 season of the 130R Racing Series. Local celebrity, and 2019 Micra Cup champion Marco Signoretti did not come back after the first round, but more importantly, King Nico has returned!

When Chris Demaras headed out for qualifying, he knew he didn’t have the speed to make it to Group A. Those 10 fastest racers, including Daniel, Dawson and Victor are hard to beat! Series head honcho Dale had the bad luck of qualifying at the back of Group A, while Chris (only a fraction of a second slower) qualified on pole for Group B (the group called Formula 2 among the racers). Wow…sandbagging works!

Demaras was proud to have out-qualified Briggs Masters veteran Ross Sortino, Goodwood A&D stalwart Quewin W., and 130R season one runner-up Igor M.

Strangely, video of the race mysteriously cut out just as Ross and Quewin reached the back of Chris’ kart, but according to the points tally, Demaras finished in 2nd place.

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