For Daniel Demaras, this race was a chance to close in on the top of the series points chart.

Having qualified 3rd and finished 2nd in the 1st round, nothing short of a victory from pole would do. But his old sparring partner Dawson is always quick, and speedy newcomers like Ahmed H. and Scenic G. weren’t going to be easy to top.

Daniel didn’t disappoint by setting a 22.164 sec. qualifying time, the fastest of the night The first challenge was met. Now, all he had to do was fend off Dawson’s attacks for an entire race!

The fun thing about watching Dawson & Daniel battle is that they’re both quick, but extremely respectful of each other (yes, that’s Dawson waving at the camera in the middle of the race before going for a pass…classic). These two have raced against one another so often, they both trust that the other guy is not going to throw a dive-bomb move, taking the other one out. The race was clean and Daniel was thrilled to get the win.

Now that the Christmas season has arrived, the racers will take a break until Round 3 on Monday, January 13th, 2020.

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