December 3, 2022

130R Race 3 (Group A and B)

Some weeks at the track are just disappointing.

Last time out, Daniel Demaras had an epic race against friend and sparring partner Dawson Campbell, with Daniel taking a win in Race 2 to match Dawson’s win in Race 1. But Dawson was absent from Race 3 due to personal reasons … and it just wasn’t the same.

In Group A, Ivano and Ahmad set quick times in qualifying, but Daniel still managed P3 for the start. Young Demaras was confident he could make up positions once the two front-runners started battling. From the drop of the green flag, it was obvious Daniel’s kart had issues. The fifth place nearly ran into the back of Daniel’s kart which would not accelerate off the line. The same problem showed itself after every braking zone. Daniel kept up with the leaders, until the last lap when his kart died a slow and painful death. Dropping from 3rd to 6th was hard to watch as Daniel’s kart was so much slower in a straight line. He fought hard to defend his position, but the damage was done.

For the second race in a row, Chris put his kart on pole for the Group B final. After leading the opening lap, Demaras lost a position as Dale Goz took the lead with a strong passing maneuver.

Now second place, Chris tried to protect his position at the expense of overall lap time and speed. But he was under attack. An opponent attempted to overtake Chris at the final left-right sequence of corners, cutting Demaras off in the process. Contact. Hard feelings.

Chris finished third.

Here’s the points after 3 rounds in the 2019 / 2020 130R Racing Series.

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