The PRO Team

In 2020, big changes have happened in the Ontario karting scene; Ron Fellows Series, KartStars Series, Mosport, Goodwood, ASN Canada FIA, the list goes on. But closer to home, The PRO Team has been announced as the official Charles Leclerc Kart dealer for Ontario! PRO’s new partnerships will allow racing enthusiasts to get into the the seat of the Charles Leclerc Kart, whose range includes everything from bambino karts to shifters karts and DD2!

Daniel Demaras is strongly considering a switch from Intrepid Kart to Charles Leclerc Kart … and who wouldn’t want to race the official kart brand of a Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver! But Daniel’s PRO teammate Jared Ramnarayan already made his decision and was the first PRO racer to hit the track in the new Charles Leclerc Kart at this past weekend’s Florida Winter Tour.

That is one quick looking kart!

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