130R Race 4

The 2019/2020 season of the 130R Racing Series has been very successful at retaining the number of competitors. Twenty-seven of the thirty racers who signed up for the six round series showed up on Monday, February 10th, 2020 for Round Four.

In warm-up Ahmad Handy laid down a blistering 21.985 second lap, coming within four hundredths of a second of the track record. Daniel Demaras knew he would need to do something special to challenge for the win.

When it counted during qualifying, Daniel set a 22.157 second lap to take the pole position ahead of Nico and Ross. With these two racers behind him, plus the always dangerous Dawson Campbell in the field, the race was bound to be an epic fight.

A pulse-pounding race followed, with Daniel leading and King Nico challenging for the win, reeling in Daniel right up to the checkered flag. Despite all the excitement, the Top 3 qualifiers finished in the same order; Daniel Demaras in 1st, King Nico Hines in 2nd and Ross “The Boss” Sortino in 3rd.

For Demaras Sr., the night would be contested in the ‘Formula 2’ second tier race against old friend Igor on pole followed by Andrew Crane. Chris Demaras started third with Stacy Eberschlag in fourth followed by aggressive drivers like Anoop Pillai waiting to pounce.

A clean getaway from the drop of the green flag, and some customary Turn 2 bumping had the pack grouped together on lap 1. Fractions of a second separated first from last place, and the smallest mistake could cost a driver multiple positions.

Demaras had to avoid a sliding competitor at Turn 6, slowing so much that Anoop took third from Chris. However, Demaras rallied back, making an aggressive pass on his competitor only two laps later, returning to his qualifying position, where he finished the race. Pole sitter Igor took home the win ahead of Andrew Crane. Chris Demaras extended his streak of podium finishes to three races by coming home in 3rd place.

The points chart has Daniel in the lead over Ivano, with Logan a surprising third. Chris is in 7th place, but with two rounds to go, it’s anybody’s championship to win.

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