K1 Speed’s 2020 GoPro Challenge GP kicked off on February 13th with some top racers coming out to K1 Speed Toronto for a night of hard racing. 2019 Challenge GP champion Kevin Lazarus and runner-up Alessio Alves looked to continue their success, while newcomers to the series looked to make their mark.

After two quick qualifying sessions, Group 3 was the first race of the night, with Chris Demaras taking pole position over Igor Tkachuk and Marcello Mariani. After an intense wheel to wheel battle, Adrian Aebeijon took the win over Chris Demaras with Marcello Mariani and Igor Tkachuk close behind. Rafael Roschel impressively moved up from his eighth place starting position to round out the Top 5.

In Group 2, Patrice James took pole over Alexander Bisaga and Nicholas Barnsdale. Despite leading the early stages of the race, Patrice would lose the lead to Bisaga who would go on to victory. Barnsdale had a difficult race, falling to ninth place, as Andrew Busnello went on a charge from eighth to finish a spectacular third. 

In Group 1, the fastest drivers of the night took to the track. Ivano Di Vittorio took pole position with a lightning quick 22.176 second lap time ahead of Terry Mueller and Marcello Nalli. Dominating the race, Di Vittorio lead from start to finish. Marcello Nalli was locked into a battle throughout the closing laps with Daniel Demaras who set the night’s fastest lap of 22.152 seconds on his way to third place. Alessio Alves finished fourth, and Alec Pavese moved from eight on the grid to finish fifth.

After a thrilling first round, the GoPro Challenge GP will return on February 20th for more exciting wheel to wheel racing with K1 Speed’s quickest drivers as they battle for glory … and a new GoPro HERO 8.

  1. Ivano DiVittorio – 28 points
  2. Marcello Nalli – 26 points
  3. Daniel Demaras – 25 points
  4. Alessio Alves – 24 points
  5. Alec Pavese – 23 points
  6. Scenic Gopi – 22 points
  7. Kevin Lazarus – 21 points
  8. Terry Mueller – 20 points
  9. Alexander Chong – 19 points
  10. Alexander Bisaga – 18 points
  11. Patrice James – 17 points
  12. Andrew Busnello – 16 points
  13. Ivan Vidovic – 15 points
  14. Muzzammil Qureshi – 14 points
  15. Rocco Crimeni – 13 points
  16. Fabio Oliveira – 12 points
  17. Victor Zdanski – 11 points
  18. Nicholas Barnsdale – 10 points
  19. Adrian Abeijon – 9 points
  20. Chris Demaras – 8 points
  21. Marcello Mariani – 7 points
  22. Igor Tkachuk – 6 points
  23. Rafael Roschel – 5 points
  24. Justin Phillips – 4 points
  25. Tobiah Adam – 3 points
  26. John Blackwood – 2 points
  27. Adam Sawicki – 1 point

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