As the 2020 season nears, Goodwood Kartways is pleased to announce the 2020 TRAK Schedule.

“Our schedule has been prepared for a while,” explained Goodwood Kartways Owner Daniel Di Leo. “We have waited in an attempt to get a better understanding of the evolving karting market here in Southern Ontario.

The schedule has many similarities of the 2018 version as TRAK Officials look back to the most successful season of the club program. Notably, a four race series within the Club championship that allows for TRAK members to explore two travel races and a higher level of competition as the KartStars Canada program slots in similarly to the days of the Inter Club like format of the CRFKC.

New for 2020, a focus on creating a value added environment. Highlights will include FREE entry for ALL kart racers on April 11th for TRAK Spring Training. A COMPLIMENTARY welcome BBQ for all participants on April 18th for TRAK Race 1. Moradness w/ Red Bull Canada involvement on May 23rd for TRAK Race 5 and the traditional Goodwood Kartways Night Race, as Family Night under the lights takes place on September 5th.

Within a schedule that includes a little bit of everything, the first scheduled event is the TRAK General Meeting set for this Sunday March 1st. The meeting will take place at ‘R CLUB’ a new venue for TRAK and one that is sure to impress. We look forward to seeing you ALL there at 1pm.

At the conclusion of the TRAK General Meeting, KartStars Officials have offered to host a 60minute Open Forum. The goal is to educate and inform the karting community providing insight to the complexities currently facing the Ontario market. With rumour and innuendo rampant within social media platforms, this will serve as an opportunity to address any questions that the karting community at large may have with respect to these rumours. Our hope is that this session will be helpful in creating a clearer sense of where we are and the direction we are headed. As industry leaders, we feel a responsibility of restoring confidence. We encourage all team owners and industry personal to attend. Everyone is welcomed.

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