The third round of the GoPro Challenge GP was contested on February 27th, with fast drivers and hard racers returning to K1 Speed Toronto. With the championship heating up, everyone knew that they had to put in strong performances to stay in contention for the championship.

In Group 3, Andrew Busnello took his second consecutive pole position, with Igor Tkachuk and Marcello Mariani starting right behind him. While Busnello would take the win, the story of the race was Rafael Roschel’s charge from seventh on the grid to fifth, a strong result despite the qualifying result.

Bouncing back from a difficult second round, Victor Zdanski stormed to pole position in Group 2 with Rocco Crimeni and John Blackwood starting second and third. But fourth place starter Alessio Alves took his second win on the trot, with Zdanski and Crimeni close behind. With another strong performance, Alves finds himself right in the middle of the championship battle.

Ivano Di Vittorio took the Group 1 pole position for the second time this season, earning another bonus point. As the green flag dropped, Daniel Demaras chased down his rival, with Alexander Bisaga close behind. Technical problems plagued the race, and in the ensuing restart, six karts funneled turn two at the same time. Di Vittorio went inside, Demaras went outside, and after the scuffle in the tunnel, Demaras emerged with the lead, which he held for his first victory of the tournament ahead of Di Vittorio, and season one champion Kevin Lazarus in third despite starting from sixth on the grid.

After three rounds Daniel Demaras takes a four-point lead in the championship over Ivano Di Vittorio, with Alessio Alves and Marcello Nalli tied for third, and Scenic Gopi only one point further back. With only two races remaining, competition will only get more intense in the quest to win the GoPro Challenge GP at K1 Speed Toronto.

1. Daniel Demaras25242372
2. Ivano DiVittorio28172368
3. Alessio Alves24271566
4. Marcello Nalli26231766
5. Scenic Gopi22251865
6. Kevin Lazarus21182160
7. Alexander Bisaga18192057
8. Terry Mueller20161955
9. Adrian Abeijon9271652
10. Rocco Crimeni13211347
11. Alec Pavese2322045
12. Muzzammil Qureshi14141240
13. Victor Zdanski11151440
14. Patrice James17111139
15. Fabio Oliveira1220436
16. Alexander Chong1912132
17. Andrew Busnello169732
18. Chris Demaras813930
19. Justin Phillips410822
20. Ivan Vidovic156021
21. Marcello Mariani78520
22. Igor Tkachuk67619
23. John Blackwood251017
24. Nicholas Barnsdale103215
25. Rafael Roschel54312
26. Tobiah Adam3205
27. Adam Sawicki1001
28. Gareth Stackhouse0101

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