There was never anything wrong with Goodwood Kartways’ annual meetings at the local community centre. The place was clean and spacious.

But it just cannot compare to the meeting space inside of RCLUB. What could be a better setting for a meeting about racing than a room with double stacked BMWs, 911s and a pair of Ferraris?

Chris and Daniel Demaras arrived at the old industrial building on the appropriately named Commercial Road in the east end of Toronto. Surrounded by incredible vehicles, 16-year old Daniel began researching his first car on the Top Gear inspired ‘cool wall’.

For the older member of Demaras Racing, the red cars have always held his attention. Chris’ love of the Scuderia Ferrari runs deep. But seeing a flat-black Batmobile-looking Lamborghini brought out the kid in him.

When the meeting finally started, it was standing room only. Every seat in the house was taken as Dan Di Leo delivered a ‘state of the union’ address to the gathered racers. Some of the questions were sincere, some were underhanded. The ‘split’ in the Ontario karting community has brought out strong emotions from those with vested interests.

The 2020 racing season at Goodwood Kartways will be different than any other. There’s a total of 15 races on the calendar, including an ‘away race’ at Innisfil Mini Indy and Point Peele Karting. Details are yet to be released, but it’s rumoured that the annual Briggs Summerfest may be held at Shannonville Motorsports Park.

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