Most people in kart racing are familiar with the Tony Kart and their iconic green livery. Original Tony Kart (OTK Kart Group) is an Italian manufacturer that follows the old-GM method of rebadging.

Beyond the Tony Kart (green), they also market the Kosmic Kart (purple). Exprit Kart (orange), Trulli Kart (white) and the Alonso or FA Kart (Asturias blue). OTK also sells the RedSpeed kart, which has recently been introduced to the Canadian market.

In December 2019, CKN broke the story that RedSpeed karts would be distributed in Canada by well-known Tony Kart dealer Ventresca-Sebarras Racing (VSR), but over the weekend, a press release on CKN stated that Kevin Glover Racing (KGR) will become the Ontario dealer for the brand, forming an agreement with Canadian Redspeed distributor Racing Edge Motorsports earlier this week.

“We believe the team will be competitive in Briggs & Stratton, ROK and Rotax categories in 2020 as we continue to develop our drivers to help them progress to the front of the field.”

Kevin Glover, KGR

Fully independent KGR is only a year old race team, but they’re going to be at Goodwood for all club races. Also, they’ll be be supporting their drivers at both KartStars and Motomaster Ron Fellows events as well.

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