This weekend, Goodwood Kartways held their first two ‘open-house’ sessions for new racers to the CRKC series. Daniel Demaras moved up from the CRKC series years ago, and Chris Demaras is a ‘veteran’ racer. But the Demaras guys just looked at it as an opportunity to return to Goodwood for a quick look around the track.

Sure, there’s a lake on the inside of Turn 1. And there’s a big snowbank leading into Turn 4. But the track actually looks better today than it did for spring training in 2019.

Daniel couldn’t resist the temptation to open up Garage K-12 to see if there was a layer of ice on the floor like last year. Turns out K-12 was used for kart storage, so the padlock was quickly secured before anyone noticed.

After a long off-season, spring training in only few weeks away!

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