With the series championship on the line, and personal scores to settle, the GoPro Challenge GP came down to one final race.

In Group 3, Justin Phillips passed pole-sitter Fabio Oliveira for the victory, but the big story was valiant Victor Zdanski battling for a podium position against his rival Chris Demaras, who raced from fifth on the grid to second in the race.

Kevin Lazarus moved up two spots to take the win from Terry Mueller in Group 2, with Patrice James rounding out the podium. This was a particularly rough race with drivers desperate to improve their final points standing making far more contact than usual, leaving other racers fuming.

The championship finale was decided in Group 1, where the top three finishers in the race were also the top three in the final standings. Scenic Gopi was a picture of consistency. While he didn’t win a race in the series, he was in the high points-paying Group 1 in every race. His podium finish secured 3rd place overall in the GoPro Challenge GP. The runner-up was Alessio Alves, who was tied at the top of the chart with 110 points. Alves had a great series taking a pole and a win this season. Ivano Di Vittorio capped off the season with pole position and the win, to secure the GoPro Challenge GP series championship. Di Vittorio’s two wins to Silva’s one win was the tie breaker.  

The winter round of the GoPro Challenge GP at K1 Speed Toronto was a huge success, with 28 competitors fighting for positions and race wins. As the five-round series progressed, skill levels improved and firm but fair racing was demonstrated by some of K1 Speed’s fiercest competitors. After 5 weeks and 15 rounds, the winner of the GoPro HERO 8 was Ivano Di Vittorio. But with the spring season of the GoPro Challenge GP is only a few weeks away there is still more thrilling racing to come.

Ivano Di Vittorio2817231923110
Alessio Alves2427152321110
Scenic Gopi2225182020105
Daniel Demaras2524232110103
Marcello Nalli2623171519100
Kevin Lazarus211821231497
Rocco Crimeni132113181580
Terry Mueller201619111379
Adrian Abeijon9271613974
Muzzammil Qureshi141412161672
Alexander Bisaga18192001168
Alec Pavese2322001762
Patrice James17111191260
Victor Zdanski11151414559
Chris Demaras813917653
Fabio Oliveira1220410450
Marcello Mariani785121850
Alexander Chong191217039
Andrew Busnello16970032
Justin Phillips41083732
Nicholas Barnsdale10328831
Igor Tkachuk6765024
John Blackwood25104324
Ivan Vidovic15600021
Rafael Roschel5436018
Tobiah Adam320117
Adam Sawicki100225
Gareth Stackhouse010001

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