Toronto drivers aren’t alone in their excessive speeding.

Mississauga drivers on the the less-travelled roads in Halton region are being reckless too. Just this weekend alone (March 28-29), there have been at 12 stunt driving charges laid by OPP and Halton Regional Police officers.

Ottawa police say they are concerned over the number of stunt driving incidents they’ve responded to over the last week during the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday alone, police seized eight vehicles driven at least 50 km/h over the speed limit.

The city of Edmonton data shows that while there was a 30% decrease in vehicles on roads last week, there was a 30% increase in speeding more than 20 km/h over the limit. There was also a 200% increase in drivers speeding more than 50 km/h over the speed limit!

Even the sleepy district of North Okanagan has had its first coronavirus speeding ticket. RCMP pulled a vehicle over for allegedly going 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit through the rural community of Falkland B.C. The driver stated that because they worked for an essential service, a pharmacy, that they were exempt from the speed limit. A ticket was issued and the car was impounded on the spot.

The last thing any city needs is a spike in traffic accidents because people were speeding. Our hospitals are already busy enough!

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