In response to an urgent plea from hospitals in the GTA for personal protective equipment (PPE), Professional Racing Ontario and their driver Daniel Demaras are helping to fill the void by using 3D Printing to make protective face shields.

Local hospitals are calling on the community to help create PPE to protect health care professionals. There is a critical shortage of PPE supplies, and while large manufacturers are ramping up production to meet demand, the community can bridge the gap between now and then.

“While we’re all pacing and preparing for the racing season, we’ve put our machinery to work for something different this time. Demaras contacted us for help on the project because PRO has the ability to create these face shields through our engineering background and in-house 3D printing technology. Now we’re challenging others in the racing community to step up and join the fight.”

Darryl Timmers
Professional Racing Ontario

PRO expects to have the first batch of emergency face shields ready mid-week for Daniel Demaras to deliver to Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital). That’s the same hospital Demaras visited last week to donate PPE supplies to, paid for by sponsor money earmarked for his 2020 racing season.

“I shared the story about my PPE donation to the hospital, hoping it would motivate my racing rivals to do the same. But suppliers of gloves and protective masks are out of stock, and I knew a creative solution to the problem was needed. That’s where PRO raced to the rescue.”

Daniel Demaras, PRO Driver

PRO and Demaras are covering all the costs associated with building masks, but any individuals or businesses with access to 3D printing technology are strongly encouraged to do their part. Approved specifications for face shields are below, as well as locations where completed masks can be brought. If you are unable or unwilling to visit a local hospital to deliver the masks, Demaras will pick-up anywhere in Southern Ontario.

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