In response to the urgent plea from hospitals in the GTA for personal protective equipment (PPE), Demaras Racing is working with Professional Racing Ontario to make 3D printed emergency face shields.

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Using the 3D printers at their shop in Ajax, ON, Darryl Timmers and Curtis Fox of PRO worked all week long printing up visors, using the template provided on Demaras Racing made the 60 km round trip to pick up all the visors the PRO guys made so far. As soon as the car was loaded, Darryl went back to work on producing more valuable safety equipment for front line workers, explaining that PRO ordered a second 3D printer to be able to double their output.

On the drive back to the Toronto the roads were empty, almost abandoned. The mayor’s daily pleas for Torontonians to stay home are working. But upon arrival at Michael Garron Hospital, hand-painted signs of support for the healthcare workers were all over the hospital’s facility, inside and out.

Locals bringing boxes of supplies to the donation centre had filled the area, as two hospital staff helped unload and inventory the precious cargo. All those donations to the hospital will help the fight against the virus, and create a real feeling of community involvement. The crisis is uniting Canadians to work together.

Only a week ago, Michael Garron Hospital had received only 3,000 3D printed visors. But continued community involvement from people just like Timmers, Fox and Demaras has increased so much that as of yesterday the hospital is very close to reaching the target of 10,000 emergency face shields.

Demaras Racing continues to work with Professional Racing Ontario and other local businesses to produce protective equipment for other hospitals in Ontario.

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4 thoughts on “For the Health Care Heroes

  1. Canadian ingenuity at its best😉 Way to go guys.. and thank-you💖

    Thank-you to all the good souls who are putting their time, brains, hands and their own funds to use, to help us all💕

    You all make me proud to say…

    I am Canadian…and I stand strong…with you❣️

  2. I totally reiterate all the above comments!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you again for your wonderful contribution that is so appreciated. Always Be Safe fellow Canadian!

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