~ by Chris Demaras ~

When I looked up the Forks of the Credit Rd. the first website that popped up was www.DangerousRoads.org which didn’t exactly fill me with confidence that this was a good idea. After weeks of being cooped up inside, far from the race track, I thought it would be a special treat for young Daniel to take the car out for a drive on a stretch of road that looks right out of a European rally stage.

Daniel only has a G2 license, so he must have a licensed driver in the car with him at all times. He’s driven downtown, on Pottery Rd, even one inadvertent stint on the 401 heading out to Ajax. But there is nothing in the city quite like this route.

Located nearly an hour away from the Demaras family home, the Forks of the Credit Road follows the Credit River in a provincial park on the Bruce Trail.

It is one of the most incredible drives in the region, drawing driving enthusiasts from across the GTA. But there is a strong Ontario Provincial Police presence discouraging hooliganism. Be forewarned..

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