Lots of racers are posting pictures of how bored they are at home, under quarantine. Demaras Racing decided to take that stoic image and use it for a good cause.

Demaras Racing has been 3D printing emergency face shields with Darryl Timmers and Curtis Fox from PRO. All the PPE has been donated to Michael Garron Hospital in East York. But there’s more work to do.

Right now, racers can’t race. But we also can’t just sit around while front-line health care workers fight the virus alone. They need our support! After gathering resources (fabric, elastic, a sewing machine, etc.) Demaras Racing started making non-surgical masks for donation. Anyone can do it!

There is a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment. To keep our communities healthy and safe, hospitals are asking the public to make 1,000 masks a week. Click the link to learn how you can help.


Michael Garron Hospital is promoting a simple 2-ply, pleated mask design. Along with standard sewing supplies (sewing machine, measuring tape, etc.), all that’s needed is:

  1. Dark-coloured polyester fabric for the outside of the mask
  2. Light-coloured 100% cotton for the part of the mask that goes against the skin
  3. Elastic for ear loops (if elastic is not available, cloth ties can be used)

Michael Garron Hospital will distribute masks to hospital visitors, discharged patients, and the broader Toronto community to help prevent disease transmission.

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