IndyCar champ Will Power launched his own karting brand earlier this year, but the worldwide shutdown of all racing series put his plans on the back burner.

In a recent article on Motorsport Power explains that his plans go much further than just branding a Kart Republic racing machine. He’s teamed up with Billy Vincent and his brother Brett Vincent from MPG Motorsports (My Parents Garage) where power plans on being a hands on team owner, helping develop young talent.

“We want to start building a path into racing for kids who have the talent but don’t have the money. Karting’s really good training for drivers aiming to go all the way to the top, whether that’s Formula 1 or IndyCar or IMSA or DTM or Supercars… all of the top guys in those categories raced karts because there’s no better or cheaper form of motorsport available to train you for progressing into cars. It’s such a great racing, and I think most of us would agree it’s pretty much essential.”

This week, Power posted a video of how he’s using IndyCar technology to create a custom seat to enhance his kart driving experience.

“Honestly, my main motivation is that I enjoy helping young people…I want to be able to pass that knowledge on, so kids can utilize everything I’ve learned…so I’m thinking it’s really giving kids a headstart if, right from the beginning of their careers, we can give them a certain level of understanding, even before they start building their own experience on top of that. I think that will be valuable, so that’s what Will Power Kart is going to be about.”

Power has a multitude of of young fans (including the Demaras family) who are active in kart racing, and have been following the Aussie from Champ Car to IndyCar through his return to karts. With such a supportive attitude, surely Will Power Kart will be a success.

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