Goodwood Kartways to Re-Open in Limited Capacity to Private Kart Owners and Members

Early this afternoon the staff at Goodwood Kartways received the much anticipated news we have been waiting for – that the facility is eligible to open in a limited capacity beginning Tuesday, May 19th!

As we have made all aware in correspondence during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been strategically planning for this time for a number of weeks and the safety of all remains our number-one priority, and is paramount as we prepare to get karts back on track. We have established very clear expectations around visiting the facility, and are confident we will meet and exceed regulations issued by the Ontario Government. We will have a strictly controlled ‘gate-closed’ environment, and admittance to the facility will be through pre-registration only. Full details can be found below, and you are asked to fully understand them prior to registering for a Goodwood Kartways visit.

Along with protocols in place for the safety of all, you will notice several physical changes at Goodwood Kartways as well, as staff has been hard at work implementing many new upgrades! The track now has 340ft of linear verge protection, 60ft of new curbing in the bus stop and freshly painted lines on the track, curbing, paddock and grid! We have additional safety fencing installed, introducing a new viewing area, new signage and have renovated the registration centre as well! In short, we are very excited about what we have to show you, and we’re very excited about seeing you back at the track beginning next week!

As we prepare to welcome you back, we thank you again for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. For we can build the best facility in the province, but what makes Goodwood Kartways the home of karting are the karters, and we just can’t wait to meet you at the gate.

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