Canadian karting in 2020 has been a year of upheaval. There’s a new ASN Canada FIA, Goodwood and Mosport split, and even the PRO team that Daniel Demaras spent 2 years with no longer in the paddock at his home track. Back in February New Speed Motorsports announced they’d be competing at Goodwood Kartways, and last week appeared at the track for the first time.

New Speed Motorsports is run by Anthony Simone, professional race car driver in both NASCAR and IMSA. Simone, along with Mike Preston, Leonard D’arigo and Enzo Chiovitti Jr. will be coaching several young drivers including Anthony’s young son, Rocco. Also under the NSM tent are PRO alumni Rocco and Santiago Ramirez.

Last year, the arrival of 360 Motorsports came with big promises that fizzled out. The pathway from ‘karts to cars’ appealed to many parents looking to guide their young racer’s career. New Speed Motorsports promise of a one day test in a team owned NASCAR Pinty’s Series racecar reminded some of 2019. But the two teams couldn’t be more different.

For Simone, this a labour of love, not his day job. It’s an opportunity to coach and develop young drivers while working with his long-time friends like D’arigo and Chiovitti.

Daniel Demaras brought his 2019 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton racing kart out to the track for a shakedown session. The size of the New Speed team allowed for much more individual attention and focus from the experienced team principals.

Despite the new tent, trailer and cool logo, New Speed Motorsports feels like a family operation. One big, extended family.

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