On June 12 & 13th, Daniel Demaras and the rest of the club racers at Goodwood Kartways officially got their season started with Spring Training. When Demaras arrived at the track, the rookie racers were on track for a glamour shot.

A Goodwood Kartways record of 44 new club members lined up for a Le Mans style picture before running laps in their new karts. Despite many of the racers moving up from CRKC to TRAK, there wasn’t a single accident.

Daniel’s deputy little brother Matte Ferrari was there with his sister and father. Ferrari is racing ROK rather than Briggs, and is not on the same team as Demaras this year, but that didn’t stop them from spending half the day together…and Matte is not shy about giving advice!

When it was finally time to hit the track, Daniel was joined by old friends and rivals Chad, Logan, Francesca and even Chris Lemme, former head honcho at Mosport Kartways!

The on-track action was out of the ordinary. There was no requirement for drivers to run ballast, so some were lighter that competition-spec. Other racers were breaking in new motors, waving competitors by on the straights. But for Daniel, it felt great to be on track, in the draft, lining up his next move.

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