The Ontario Government recently announced that drive-in movie theaters would be allowed to re-open. It took a few days for these businesses to get properly staffed and develop safety protocols. But when the 5 Drive In announced they’d be open on Saturday night, the Demaras family was first in line!

Drive-in theaters are so retro 50’s that they’re about to be relevant again. In those early years drive-ins were popular with family station wagons packed with kids. The Demaras family, always looking for something car-related to do, have been patrons of drive-in theaters for years.

Plus, Richie, Ralph and Potsie took their dates there.

With most entertainment suspended due to the virus, the drive-in theater is uniquely able to provide the space needed for physical distancing of large groups of people.

Theaters have opened at 50% capacity, meaning every second spot is off-limits. The result is much more space between vehicles and increased privacy.

The popularity of drive-in movie theaters has been on the decline since the 70’s. But with Canadians looking for family-friendly entertainment in the age of covid, even the very last row of the theater was full on Saturday night.

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