The first CRKC event of 2020 was an Exhibition Race. Chris races on Friday nights, and spent the whole work week looking forward to it.

As expected, the practice sessions were wild! For many racers, this was their first time behind the wheel since last October! True rookies just coming to grips with the Honda-powered Intrepid karts on track with veteran racers who’s reflexes slowed in the off-season. It was a very dusty session.

Demaras felt comfortable on track, having taken part in a lapping session a week earlier. But qualifying in CRKC is always a risk. Drivers only get 3 laps, so get stuck behind another kart for even 2 corners and your lap is ruined. Chris started third.

When the green flag fell, Demaras lined up his first pass at the exit of Turn 1. By the end of the first lap, he was on the leaders bumper, but repeatedly blowing Turn 5, missing the apex by more than a metre, allowed two hungry racers to get past.

There was an exciting last lap battle between Chris and Damiano that went right down the the finish line. Demaras got a run coming out of Turn 8 but his racing rival made sure to put his kart in Chris lane NO MATTER WHAT he wasn’t giving up the position! Demaras finished a disappointing 4th, but upon reviewing video, know where he needs to improve.

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